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Al Segro

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A.L. Segro


segros al segro

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

A.L. has been licensed as a cosmetologist in the hair industry for 26 years, and all have been at Segro’s Lancaster Hairport. He is married to Michelle, and his sons are Vincent and Blaise.

A.L.’s specialties are design cutting with multi shear and razor cutting, color of all types, perming, and straightening with Japanese Thermal Ionic. He enjoys playing with his band, Bad Medicine, cooking and reading.

Favorite Meal

My grandmother’s spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite Musician

Eddie Van Halen

Favorite Movies

The Godfather Trilogy

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segros stylist - Phuong

Phuong Dang

By Stylist

Phuong Dang


segros phuong dang

” Be Honest and give from the heart!”

Phuong has been licensed since 2006 and working at Segro’s Lancaster Hairport for seven years. She is married and loves to listen to music. She offers women’s and men’s haircuts and styling.

Favorite Movie


Favorite Actress

Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Restaurant

segros olive garden
Olive Garden
segros stylist - Elio De Jesus

Elio De Jesus

By Stylist

Elio De Jesus


segros elio dejesus

“Complacency breeds mediocrity!”

Elio has been licensed as a barber, barber manager for eight years, and here at Segro’s for just over six months.

He offers color and cutting for men, women and children and the hot towel shave, and his favorite service is doing the Hot Towel shaves. He enjoys dancing salsa and traveling around and meeting new people.

Favorite Actor

segros al pacino
Al Pacino

Favorite Musician

segros jay z

Favorite Dance

segros salsa
segros stylist - Jack Segro

Jack Segro

By Stylist

Jack Segro


segros jack segro

“I try to use my dad’s philosophy: ‘Kill them with kindness’!”

Jack has been licensed and with Segro’s Lancaster Hairport for 55 years!! He is married to Nancy and has four sons, A.L., Joe, Tony and Patrick. He offers men’s cuts, shaves children cuts and his favorite service to do it to create a new look for a man!

Jack enjoys the stock market, sports, and keeping up old friendships.

Favorite Musicians

Jack likes the Beatles

Favorite Actors

Jack likes Al Pacino and Robert Di Niro
Al Pacino and Robert Di Niro

Favorite Team

Any team from Philadelphia
Segros stylist Diane Phenegar

Diane Phenegar

By Stylist

Diane Phenegar


segros diane phenegar

“To find peace and love in this crazy world!”

Diane has been licensed as a barber and barber manager since 1979, and has been at Segro’s Lancaster Hairport for many years!

Diane’s family includes her sister Brenda, nephew Philip and niece Riley. On her day off she enjoys listening to music, going to the movies, and spending time with her niece Riley.

Favorite Restaurant

Favorite Movie

Godfather, Part I

Favorite Vacation Destination

Ocean City MD

Michelle Segro

By Stylist

Michelle Segro


“You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do!”

Michelle has been at Segro’s Lancaster Hairport for 11 years and has been licensed for 11 years. Her family includes, husband A.L., and sons Vincent and Blaise. Her favorite service to do is hair color and razor cutting.

Favorite Movie

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Favorite Destination

Long Beach Island, NJ

Favorite Restaurant


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